It sounds like your mom is severely depressed and is relying on Fox News to give her dopamine blasts to cheer her up.

Even so, you have to let her go. Wearing your heart out trying to get your family together for Christmas will do nobody any good, especially not yourself. Keep a thread of connection by sending her cards that say things like, "It would be nice to meet" or "How are you?" with your latest address and email and phone number at the bottom.

Keep the bridges open. Yes, it's possible she'll go to her grave a Trump believer. But it's also possible that one day you'll get a phone call that starts with an embarrassed cough.

Brilliant article, Umair, one of your best. One slight modification: there are two meanings for the word "capitalist."

1. Someone who can live off rental payments - whether for property, shares or money itself.

2. Someone who is ideologically convinced that he's going to be rich someday even though he's currently in debt and that capitalism is the way to achieve that.

I honestly think you have nailed it.

Now how do you convince all the poor capitalists out there?

Global heating is easy to solve. Stop burning fossil fuels.

That's it. That's all we have to do. And we haven't.

Corporations are the zombie golems that are continuing to burn fossil fuels while still greenwashing - as if physics and chemistry will change because of their marketing.

It won't.

We need to shorten all supply chains. We need to batten down the hatches.

And we need to destroy all the fossil fuel corporations and get rid of the idiots running our countries.

Time for a revolution.

(By the way, that’s the original Falmouth in Cornwall, UK, not Falmouth, Maine, USA, or Falmouth, Tasmania, Australia.)

This is a typewriter.

The Falmouth Fringe is for you:

If you love books and want to know if it’s really true that writers have two heads or are all lushes…

If you think the usual…

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