Aukus - what an ugly name - is about playing chess - this bit of power here, that there, we win. And as you said, Biden makes the military industrial complex a bit happier.

The Chinese equivalent to chess is Go and I understand it's fantastically complicated and elegant. I don't think the USA will win in the long term.

And of course, if you want to stave off civil war in the USA, you make sure there's a great big external enemy to posture against.

I think the Chinese are perfectly happy to wait until America and the UK fall apart of their own accord. It shouldn't be long now.

The vaccines issue has been addressed by Joe Smith in these comments - 100 million vaccines already donated by the USA, another 500 million in the pipeline. It's not by any means enough, but it's better than anyone else except China, I understand.

As for co-operation - I don't think anyone in government anywhere can even think about it, let alone do it. I'd love to be shown I'm wrong, but I don't think that Bozo actually knows the word - he won't have been taught about it at Eton.

In the meantime, in the UK, the NHS, livestock industry and brewing are all running out of CO2 - in the NHS case, for dry ice to keep the Pfizer vaccine cold enough.

This is because the fertiliser factories have stopped production because gas prices are so high. They produce CO2 as part of the reaction for making ammonia but it's very energy expensive.

The gas, of course, is coming by pipeline from Russia.

This is hilarious - we're running out of industrial CO2, the cause of our problems.

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